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Jenny Anggot

Freedom Is A Choice And I Choose Happiness!

April 13, 2017, by admin, category Blog

"Freedom" - Is when you never feel fear or having any doubts to try the things that you wanted to do. Loving without fear, expressing oneself without fear and doubts, and standing up for yourself alone without fear is Freedom.

Freedom is simply an absence of fear. It is done by choice and committed to stand up for the consequences to the actions made.

Freedom is a road to Happiness.

And when you reached HAPPINESS Rd., you'll find HOME.

LIFE is a journey, not a destination. So travel more, do experiments on your food, have fun every bit of your life, cause we only live once. Do it alone or with someone special to you, in any way, life will be happier and you will never feel empty at all.


By travelling, you can create something... a Friendship!

A Foreign Friendship. I wonder if it's a Georgian Eskimo? Who knows, it failed to tell me. It's cool yet it's shy. 😀









A Cherry Friendship with her new found friend, Chookie the photobomber. 😀













A Birdy Friendship. Well, actually, they are my lunchmates. Whenever I wander around these tall buildings in JLT, they sure come around and check out my food. Chips are their favorite, mine as well.

So, what do you think ?