Jenny Anggot

Al Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jenny Anggot

My Resume


DRAKKEN CONSULTANCY DMCC- Unit 2903, Saba Tower 1, Cluster E, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (April 2013 – Present)

Auto-Cad Operator / Instrumentation DesignerWeatherford Oil Tool Middle East

  • Project Involved: Zubair Oilfield Development Project (Hammar IPF, Zubair IPF, Rafidiya IPF) - (April 2013 – December 2015)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for generating layout drawings which Design Engineers from our discipline have carefully planned and designed.
  • Created various layout drawings that includes data gathering and specified measurements through the aid of a model-designed project.
  • Generating Instrument Locations layout drawings
  • Generating Cable Ladder & Junction Box layout drawings
  • Generating Air Distribution layout drawings
  • Generating Chemical Injection Tubing layout drawings
  • Generating PAGA Location layout drawings
  • Generating Cable Block Diagrams
  • Generating Instrument Loop Drawings
  • Generating PAGA Termination Drawings – System A & B
  • Preparing PAGA Firezones layout drawings
  • Preparing CCTV Locations layout drawings
  • Preparing Process Hook-up drawings
  • Preparing Pneumatic Hook-up drawings
  • Assisting in review and mark ups of loop drawings using I/O list and Instrument Schedules.
  • Revise mark up drawings from site and in house drawings.
  • Assisting in review and update Instrument Schedules, Trip and Alarm Schedules, Modbus IO List, Cause and Effect, Termination Schedules and other instrument documentations.
  • Assisting Engineers in preparation for DCNs.
  • Responsible for plotting and printing drawings and documents upon demand in soft and hard copies.
  • Responsible in forwarding of Instrumentation Documentations to Document Controllers for transmittals.
  • Excellent coordination from our team and as well as other disciplines to provide efficiency and work quality.
  • Creates and converting drawing files into PDF, JPEG etc., for communication and presentation for the clients.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.
  • Obey company policies and follow standards.


  • Project Involved: First Commercial Production (FCP) - Garraf Field Development Project – (April 2013 – August 2013)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for drawing revisions from mark up to As-Built drawings.
  • Revised loop drawings from the given I/O lists and instrumentation schedules.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.
  • Coordinates to Engineers for further instructions.
  • Worked overtime when needed.



Auto-Cad Operator – Cum Secretary (January 2012- March 2013)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • As an Auto-Cad Operator:
  • Provides initial design of the project in a short period of time.
  • Convert sketches or specifications of the project from the architects or engineers into detailed cad drawings.
  • Maintained cad drawings block library and creates backup files in computer systems.
  • Responsible for the reproductions and distributions of soft and hard copies of the drawings upon demand.
  • Maintained plotter, print machine and supplies.
  • Responsible for the revisions of the construction drawings into as-built drawings to be issued at the client and on site.
  • Support and help engineers in the quantity take-off for site material requirements based in the cad drawings.
  • Creates and converting drawing files into PDF, JPEG etc., for communication and presentation for the clients.
  • Responsible for all cad works and must be well organized according to the projects.
  • Responsible in preparing shop drawing layouts of the water supply system, drainage system, AC, electrical lighting, power and telephone layout, civil and structural, and architectural drawings to various clients.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.


  • As a Secretary:
  • Documentation and filing paperwork, documents and computer based information.
  • Responsible in forwarding and receiving faxes and email/mail to the designated recipients.
  • Prepares, forwards, and follow-up Local Purchase Orders to suppliers.
  • Dissemination of office information to staff such as new office rules, memos, and other information.
  • Follow instructions from superiors.
  • Sort, compile and keep documents.
  • Encode and print documents.
  • Task assigned of office equipment such as fax machine, scanner, photocopier machine, printing machine, plotter, and telephone system.
  • Preparing letters/ memos to office staff.
  • Checking and recording of attendance of the office staff whereabouts.
  • Submitting daily reports at the end of each month to the General Manager.
  • Responsible in preparing the submittals in Construction Management such as shop drawings approvals, material data approvals, samples and product data approvals.
  • Prepares Engineers’ and laborers’ site work, visit pass and vehicle pass required for the entry and approval to work for a certain job site.
  • Prepares and records the material requests done by the engineers and submit afterwards to the purchase manager.
  • Other task assigned.


Completed & On-going projects:

  • DMS-133683: Refurbishment of Existing 32 Villas on Jebel Ali Village for M/S Nakheel PJSC.
  • Layout water supply system with fixtures, AC, and telecommunication system.
  • CDQ/12-203: Construction of Public Toilet Block at Souq Al Kabeer for M/S Dubai Municipality.
  • Layout water supply, drainage system, electrical lighting and power layout, civil & structural, and architectural layout.
  • CDQ/12-157: Construction of 6 Nos. of Shops in Cattle Market at Al Qusais for M/S Dubai Municipality.
  • Layout civil & structural and architectural drawings.
  • CDQ/12-232: Construction of Toilet Blocks, Showers & Umbrellas at Jumeirah Beach for M/S Dubai Municipality.
  • Capture aerial view of Jumeirah Beach by Google Map App., and assigned the locations and numbers of umbrellas, shower columns and toilet blocks in the designated area.
  • CDQ/12-245: Construction of Busan City Monument at Zabeel Park for M/S Dubai Municipality.
  • CDQ/12-246: Construction of Beruit City Monument at Zabeel Park for M/S Dubai Municipality.
  • Addition Alteration Works of cafeteria at Abu Hail, Dubai.



Auto-Cad Operator/ Technical Assistant (November 2010 – December 2011)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintained CAD drawings block library and bills of material in computer systems.
  • Maintained plotter, print machine and supplies.
  • Responsible for the Creation of AutoCad Drawings for Initial Design as per directed by Design Engineers.
  • Responsible for revising the Construction Drawings and making the As-Built Drawings to be issued at the client and on site.
  • Responsible for the lay-out of Single Line Diagram, cable routing, conduit installation, wiring, electrical panel board termination and fabrication according to diagrams, Lighting and Power Layouts, Load Schedules, Laying out of ground grid earthings and lightning arrester as per instruction of Engineers.
  • Creates drawing files such as PDF, JPEG etc. for communication and presentation for the clients.
  • Help to carry out the project site surveys as needed for the As-Built drawings.


H-CAD DESIGNING SERVICES- #0048 Gerona Compound, Tambo, Iligan city, Philippines

Auto-Cad Operator/ Secretary (June 2007- June 2008)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Managed computer aided designing for clients.
  • Reviewed dimensional data provided by client’s information.
  • Reconstructing and enhancing 2D drawings from previous works of the clients.
  • Providing clear and accurate Cad drawings from hand sketched drawings of the clients.
  • Done other responsibilities as assigned.



Auto-Cad Operator (June2006 – June 2007)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Drafted detailer Mechanical and Architectural plans.
  • Created, edited and maintained engineering drawings utilizing CAD.
  • Provided field work to assist with design, modification and installation of engineering projects.
  • Assisted engineers in design projects and in daily works.

Performs 3D models and 2D drawing layouts to visualize the object more lively and for a better presentation using CAD software.


  • Auto-CAD 2007  - latest version
  • Navisworks Freedom 2013 – latest version
  • Revit Mechanical 2015
  • Adobe PDF Editor Pro, Acrobat Pro
  • FoxItReader
  • MS Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
  • E-mail Outlook
  • Google Sketchup
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop cs5
  • Internet



  • PRC, Philippines (Teacher’s License- Professional Teacher, Secondary Level) License No.: 0888229